The DentalClinic participated in the works of the 34th Panhellenic Dentistry Congress with the presentation of two interesting clinical cases of our medical office. The first case refers to the restoration of cross-bite occlusion of the upper cuspids without orthodontic intervention. This regards an alternative treatment plan for the restoration of the aesthetic and occlusal problem in patients who want to avoid orthodontic treatment, which is clearly

the initial treatment of choice. The patient acquired a fully functional upper dental arch, which fully satisfied her aesthetic requirements.

The second case refers to the placement of an immovable prosthetic work on implants in a patient with an atrophic upper jaw. In order to achieve the safe placement of the implants and their uninterrupted healing, a personalized splint was fabricated and used for the guided surgical placement of the implants. Thus, the particularly atrophic jaw of the patient did not obstruct the successful completion of the placement of the implants, as well as the construction of an immovable prosthesis on them.


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