Aesthetic Dentistry

We are waiting for you at The DentalClinic for… the full redesign of your smile!
Our specialized scientific team is committed to provide aesthetically impeccable and properly functioning results!


Undoubtedly, dental implants can change the life of people who have lost their teeth, and put an end to complete dentures that are moving or slide out of their place!


The experienced periodontists of The DentalClinic are committed to the provision of high quality dental services, in the sector of periodontology. Conservative periodontal treatment and periodontal surgery are provided, with excellent functional and aesthetic results


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The Dental Clinic

High quality dental care, for a healthy smile…

Welcome to the webpage of The DentalClinic, which is based in Thessaloniki and is staffed by experienced dentists and a specialized staff, who are distinguished for the provision of high quality medical services, that successfully cover all the fields of dentistry. It is one of the most modern dental clinics in Greece, that follows the European standards of organization and provision of therapeutic services.

The dentists and orthodontists of The DentalClinic, in Thessaloniki, have a long-standing experience and provide specialized services in the following fields: aesthetic dentistry, dental implants, oral surgery, periodontology, prosthetics, pediatric dentistry and orthodontics for adults and children. Our goal is to provide high quality services, that give priority to the needs of patients. The DentalClinic has an ultramodern equipment which, in combination with the excellent scientific training of all our human resources, guarantee the best possible therapeutic process and a result that meets, one hundred per cent, your expectations. 


The DentalClinic treats every patient responsibly, using a personalized treatment plan which is based on high and advanced medical training and gives great importance to the patient’s needs and desires.


The guaranteed success in the treatment of all cases, regardless of their degree of difficulty, is based on the proper design of the treatment from the beginning, its successful implementation, as well as on the subsequent supportive treatment, through follow-up checks every six months. Thus, we are certain about the functionality and the longevity of all of our dental works. Contact The DentalClinic, in Thessaloniki, for dental and orthodontic services. We are daily at your disposal, to offer you a perfect result.

The important features of our clinic

  • Staffed by an experienced personnel of all specializations.
  • Long-standing experience in the insertion of Implants and their prosthetic restoration, as well as particular specialization in the sector of Aesthetic Dentistry.
  • Guaranteed success in the treatment of all cases, regardless of the degree of difficulty.
  • Modern equipment which, in combination with the excellent scientific training of all of our staff, will guarantee for you the best possible experience as a patient and a result that fully meets your expectations.

See photos from dental cases of The DentalClinic, in Thessaloniki

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